Got Rash?

I'd like to share our favorite all around healing salve.  So well loved in our home that both my kids always ask for it every time they have a scrape or feels itchy.  I never had to deal with diaper rash with my first but when he did get his first rash, I unknowingly used an ointment with zinc oxide! Ouch!! Poor guy screamed bloody murder.  That was a tough lesson learned.  When I finally discovered Sierra Sage Herbs Baby Balm (they are now known as Green Goo by Sierra Sage), I was so happy and excited! I loved the brand so much that my sisters and I tried to become an authorized retailer for them! But that is another story since we never got that off the ground.  But I stocked up on the Baby Balm and have not used any other diaper rash cream ever again! 

This healing salve works for diaper rash, cradle cap, baby acne, cuts and scrapes and dry skin.  It is very relieving and I even use it on my dry hands especially in the winter.  The salve is petroleum free, chemical free and lanolin free!  This family owned business carefully sources their herbs from organic farmers and they infuse them in organic oils, so it really preserves the healing properties of the herbs.

When my kid gets a diaper rash, just one application and I see results almost immediately!  The rash is less red on the next diaper change!  This salve is simply amazing!  I always have an extra tin ready so I never run out!  I hope that on the next shopping trip for a diaper area creme, you pick Sierra Sage Herbs Baby Balm! : )

What other safe, organic, toxin free healing salves are your favorite? Please share away!





The best all around healing salve!

The best all around healing salve!