What Is Greenwashing?


Since I started on my toxin free journey, I’ve fallen victim quite a few times to greenwashers! It can be upsetting, but is also a great reminder to never trust marketing labels. So what is greenwashing? And why should we be wary of greenwasher companies?

Greenwashing is defined as “disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.” (Oxford Dictionary) Since marketing claims are not regulated, companies can get away with slapping the terms “natural, non toxic, paraben free, sls free”, etc to the front of a packaging—they don’t have to prove any of these claims before they get on the shelves and into the hands of consumers! Most of these companies will also put their products in “natural” looking packaging to be in line with their natural claims. This is such a big form of deception.

Why should we be wary of these companies? Well, they are banking on you to just pick up the product and “fall” for the marketing claims they put on the front of the packaging…thank goodness we can return products easily now, but why waste your time buying greenwashed products? It is best to turn that natural looking product over and read the full ingredients list! It might add a couple extra seconds or minutes to your shopping trip, but let me tell you, it is worth it! Another advice I would give is to research the product ahead of time before going to the store.

Here are some greenwasher brands (in my opinion):

>>Cleaning/ Home products:

  1. Seventh Generation

  2. Mrs. Meyer’s

  3. Method

  4. Ecos (Earth Friendly Products)

  5. Dapple

>>Personal Care Products/ Cosmetics

  1. Arbonne

  2. Aveda

  3. Aveeno

  4. Avon Naturals Kids

  5. Babyganics

  6. Covergil Natureluxe

  7. Earth’s Best

  8. Herbal Essences

  9. Honest Company

  10. Johnson’s Natural

  11. Lush Cosmetics

  12. Mary Kay

  13. Nature’s Organics

  14. Nivea Pure & Natural

  15. Origins

These are just some brand I can think of from the top of my head. I will update this list as much as I can. For now, stay proactive and read those labels. You have to power to spend your hard earned money on truly safe products!

Stay empowered!