Diaper Area Spray recipe!

I know there are lots of safe diaper area spray choices out there, but I decided to make my own.  When my kids were still little babies, I used warm water and cotton balls to clean poopy butts.  But there are times when I needed something "stronger".  I made a mix of coconut oil, warm filtered water, splash of castile soap and some essential oils.  But since coconut oil hardens when it's cold, it wasn't so fun using that mix during winter.  I used California Baby for awhile then switched to Poofy Organics then back to California Baby.  Finally, I decided to make my own to save money! 




  • 4oz Chamomile hydrosol (I bought mine from Mountain Rose Herbs)

  • 1oz witch hazel extract

  • Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils (I use a combination of 8 drops) I love Plant Therapy and Mountain Rose Herbs for essential oils.

  • splash of castile soap

  • add distilled water if desired.

Just mix all ingredients and make sure to shake before each use!  So easy and simple!

What is your favorite diaper area spray recipe?