I've always had this dream of having my own blog.  A place where I can share about all the clean and  safe products out there, where I can share my weird and random thoughts that pop up at 2 in the morning, and just life in general.  I plan on sharing DIY home remedies, recipes and other fun stuff!  I also thought it would be great to write extensive reviews on hotels we stay in while on vacation, the restaurants we frequent and their healthy food options, basically about our adventures in this roller coaster we call life!  

So who am I? I am just an average mom of two.  I used to live in the city and now I live in the middle of nowhere in a travel trailer.  I love discovering new clean products and have a passion for everything toxin free!  I love eating healthy and constantly looking for yummy, healthy recipes that my family will love.  I practice gentle and natural parenting. I love babywearing. I am pretty crunchy but flexible.  I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I love sharing them.

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