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Hey you!  Are you suffering from never ending symptoms but could never figure out the cause? Have hormonal acne even though you are not a teenager anymore? Do you break out in a rash when you use makeup or skin care?  Are you worried about what chemicals are lurking in your makeup and everyday personal care products? Even in your food?

Did you know that it has been 80 years since the Cosmetics Act was passed?  It has not received a major overhaul, which is badly needed. A lot of the products we use everyday are full of toxic chemicals and they may not be toxic in small amounts but a lot of these harmful ingredients are compounding and can build up in your body and cause a toxic overload or body burden!! 

You've worked so hard to create a safe haven for you and your family (pets included!), yet there are still so many chemicals hiding in the products we use everyday.  From the moment you wake up to the moment you shut your eyes, you are exposed to chemicals.  

Why should you worry? Because the truth of the matter is, the FDA doesn't have your back.  The personal care industry is self policed and they can sell products that are full of toxic ingredients that have not been studied or contain chemicals that are banned in the EU!

It can be overwhelming and you might say: "I have no time to read and research every ingredient label I encounter or every company I purchase from."

Well today is your lucky day! You found my website and I am here to tell you that being an ingredient detective is a passion of mine and I am here to help make the switch to a more natural and toxin free lifestyle easier and less daunting! You will soon be on your way, more confident than ever that you are choosing toxin free products for you and your family!

Start living your best life now!


I’m Fatima

I’m on a mission to help you navigate this world of convenience!  I am here to share all the clean, safe and toxin free products I've come to discover and trust ever since I started on this journey.  In 2010, I became aware of the ugly truth about the personal care industry and have been researching and making changes ever since and I've never felt healthier and happier!

The changes I made helped me heal myself and I was able to get off my depression and anti-anxiety pills and I felt balanced.  In this world of convenience, we are bombarded everyday by all these mainstream products that are full of harmful chemicals. These products are not only toxic for us but also for the environment.  I hope one of these days, we all decide to spend our hard earned money on products that are clean, safe and toxin free. We all need to be mindful and care for Mother Earth... we only have one. 

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